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Candle Care Kit: Snuffer and Trimmer

Candle Care Kit: Snuffer and Trimmer

This candle care accessories kit includes everything you need to optimize the longevity of your favorite candles. Trim candlewicks stylishly with this modern take on a traditional essential. Sleek and streamlined, the black matte-finished trimmer keeps wicks at their optimal burning length, helping candles burn cleaner. Extinguish candles elegantly with this ultra-modern take on an old-fashioned essential. The long, slim handle of both the snuffer and trimmer reach deep pillar candles, lanterns, and other holders to trim and extinguish candles with minimal smoke and ease. Combined, this sleek set is as attractive as functional- the perfect addition to any candle lover’s collection.


  • Wick Trimmer
  • Candle Snuffer
  • Velvet Bag

Candles sold separately.

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