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Sandalwood Amber Candle

Sandalwood Amber Candle

Sandalwood Amber:

It’s a surprise packed with evocative exuberance.

This beautiful fragrance is infused with a striking blend of rich, fresh top notes and warm, spicy undertones. Feel comfortingly enveloped by the earthy and rich scent of sandalwood and amber. It’s got a top layer of petitgrain and bergamot, with flirtatious jasmine in the center. The base notes lend a bit of spice and warmth where oakmoss and amber mingle with sandalwood and vetiver. So, flip the script on reality as you toe the line between fact and fiction in this beautifully put together fragrance that celebrates the page turner that you are.

• 100% vegan soy wax that delivers a clean, consistent burn

• Hand-poured in individual batches

• Cotton wicks; hand straightened to ensure the best burn possible

• Amazing room-filling fragrance from beginning to end

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