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Lemongrass Lavender Candle

Lemongrass Lavender Candle

Lemongrass Lavender:

This candle is just what you need to uplift a weary soul!

Upon burning, the zesty, tropical notes of lemon verbena will tantalize your nostrils, before unlocking Lavender and Lemongrass core, and then rounding things out with ginger and musk. This is definitely what calm smells like! In short, it’s the kind of candle you can burn whenever you need a little pick-me-up. Ideal for helping calm your mood, stimulating your spirits, and getting your night ready for peaceful rest. This floral complex is too good for inducing tranquility!

It will burn cleaner and longer minus the buildup of soot. This scent also acts as a natural bug deterrent – perfect to burn outdoors!

  • 100% vegan soy wax that delivers a clean, consistent burn
  • Hand-poured in individual batches
  • Cotton wicks; hand straightened to ensure the best burn possible
  • Amazing room-filling fragrance from beginning to end
  • Burn time is 40+ hours
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