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Eruption Room Spray

Eruption Room Spray


Eruption is a reminiscent of your exotic beach vacay!

It’s the perfect blend of citrus, tropical, fruity notes that flirt with delicious caramel to get you the energy of a summer night rendezvous. Eruption, just as its name suggests, will cause positivity to erupt out of you, helping you reconcile with yourself and uplift you spiritually, so you can continue being the rockstar you are. The top notes are juicy, sweet orange with hints of ripe pineapples, followed by sun-dried fruits and raspberry. Base notes are oh-so-creamy caramel and bright red, dewy strawberries. It’s a deep jump into a fruit bowl – one that’ll freshen up your body and mind!

- 4 z

- Made with essential oils 

- Skin safe

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