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Arcane Candle (12 oz)

Arcane Candle (12 oz)

Unveil the mystery of the coast with the Arcane Candle, a sophisticated blend of captivating scents that evoke the enigmatic allure of the sea.**

Key Notes:
- Fresh Ginger: Adds a spicy, invigorating kick, awakening the senses.
- Grapefruit: Bursts with a zesty citrus freshness, lifting your spirit.
- Labdanum: Introduces a warm, resinous depth, enveloping you in comfort.
- Ambroxan: Infuses a smooth, musky complexity, lingering elegantly.
- Cascalone: Captures the essence of an ocean breeze with its crisp, aquatic notes.
- Ambergris: Delivers a subtle marine richness, deepening the coastal allure.

Hand-poured with premium ingredients, the Arcane Candle creates an ambiance of mystery and tranquility, perfect for any setting. Its sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to your decor. Light the Arcane Candle and let its enchanting fragrance transport you to a secluded seaside haven, filling your space with the mystique of the coast. Ideal for personal relaxation or as a unique gift, this candle is your gateway to an aromatic adventure.

• 12 oz candle - 60 hour burn time

• Clear jar with a heavy rock base

• Made with soy wax that delivers a clean, consistent burn

• Hand-poured in individual batches

• Cotton wicks; hand straightened to ensure the best burn possible

• Amazing room-filling fragrance from beginning to end


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