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Clean Laundry Candle

Clean Laundry Candle

Clean Laundry:

Smells like fresh laundry just pulled from the dryer!

Make every day feel fresh and aromatic like the laundry day by burning this candle. It smells just like neatly done laundry – imagine burying your face into warm sheets fresh out of the dryer. First, the crisp linen scent unfolds slowly before opening up the fresh white flowers core, the scent pervades fast, filling up the space. Complete with white musk scent that’s sensual in a low-key kind of way. Clean Laundry doesn’t just mask odors but cleans them away, leaving your air with a light, fresh scent that calms your senses. The perfect way to get your home guest-ready on short notice!

Clean Laundry is a slow-burning, all-natural soy candle that will add a springtime scent to your living space in no time. It’s perfect for styling your countertops, tables, mantels, and more.

  • 100% vegan soy wax that delivers a clean, consistent burn
  • Hand-poured in individual batches
  • Cotton wicks; hand straightened to ensure the best burn possible
  • Amazing room-filling fragrance from beginning to end
  • Burn time is 40+ hours
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