Candle Making Classes: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to attend class?
  • Our regularly scheduled classes are $60 per person, and open to everyone. This includes food, drinks, all candle-making supplies, and two hours of instruction. Private classes are also available, with custom prices. Contact us for a quote.

When are the classes held?

  • We generally offer the classes at our Dallas location weekly, but also add classes based on demand. The schedule for Plano varies, but we try to offer at least one class per month.

Can I take the candle with me?

  • Yes!  By the end of the class, your candle will be cool and ready to take home!  However, we recommend letting your candle cure for at least 24 hours before first lighting it.

What size candle do I get to make?

  • We use an 11 oz jar with 8 oz of wax and approximately 1 oz of fragrance oil. The candle is the same size as those we sell in the store.  The burn time is 40+ hours.  See below for examples of candles that have been made.

    How many oils can I use?

    • We recommend between 2-3 fragrance oils, though there is technically no limit!

      What kind of food is served?

      • We offer appetizers and light snacks, generally a charcuterie board including meats, cheeses, crackers, nuts, and fruit. See below for examples. If you have any allergies, or special requests, please let us know in advance. 

        What kind of wine is served?

        • We offer a general variety of red and white wine.

          How much wine is offered?

          • We provide enough wine to serve each person 2-3 glasses.

          I don't drink alcohol.  Do you serve non-alcoholic beverages?

          • Yes! We provide coffee, soda, and water. We encourage you to bring your favorite drinks as well!

          I have allergies or have a restricted diet, will that be an issue?

          • If you have any allergies, or special requests, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to provide options to accommodate.  However, you are also welcome to bring in food and drinks of your own.

          Can I bring my own food or drinks?

          • Yes, you're welcome to bring food or drinks of your own.  

            How long is the class?

            • Two hours of instruction is allotted, however, the length of the class may vary depending on the size of the group.

            What is the address, and where do I park?

            • DALLAS - Our primary location is in Dallas, located at 910 S Pearl Expy, Dallas, TX 75201. You'll find our store on the corner of Pearl Expy and Taylor Street.  Private events hosted by CRAV are only held at the Dallas location. Free parking is available at the Harvest Lofts garage, as well as on the street in front of the retail stores. Paid parking is also available. Click here for a map of the area, which shows parking.
            • PLANO - Plano classes are held at 7250 Dallas Pkwy, on the 4th floor, inside of Industrious (Ste 400), Plano, TX 75024.  You will need to check-in at reception/security. Free parking is available near the retail stores. Paid parking is available in the attached garage.

            How often are classes offered?

            • Classes are generally offered at the Dallas location every other week. Classes in Plano vary, but our website always displays the most up-to-date offerings.  Private classes/events may be scheduled with CRAV in advance.

            How many people are in each class?

            • Most classes average about 15 students. However, class size does fluctuate.

            I booked a seat in one of your classes, but when my friend tried to book their seat, the class shows SOLD OUT!  What do I do?

            • Get in touch with us right away!  Depending on availability, we may be able to open an additional seat to accommodate your friend.  If not, we can definitely find (or create) a class that has room for everyone in your party!  You can send us a message using our Live Chat feature, you can call us at (469) 466-2876, or you can email us at

            Can I plan a class with just friends and family?

            • Yes!  If you'd like a class that is private, for just you and those you know, we can setup a private event.  Private events hosted by CRAV are held at our Dallas location, but can also be hosted by you at a location of your choosing.  Reach out to inquire about dates and rates!  We'd be honored to celebrate with you!